We had seen many leaking problems at most common places like bathroom, wall, underground pipes, sinks, gas pipe and many more. These leaks may harm your property. So, it is required to fix them. For that there are so many leak detector companies who provide an excellent service and solve all your leaking problems without damaging your property. The water leak detector companies have well trained technicians to detect hidden leaks. They are highly expert in use of modern equipment and advanced technology. They give you a quality service and exact location of the leak. The leak detectors used different types of methods to detect a leak. Some of the popular leak detection techniques are as follows.

Acoustic Leak Detection

With acoustic leak detect techniques we can locate hidden leaks quickly and efficiently. The leaks in underground, pressurized pipes may make many different sounds which show the presence of the leaks. So, the expert attached sound sensor to hear the sound. Every hydrant, valve and service line is a possible location to hear the sounds of water leaks. Since the sound travels on the pipe, always listen at the hydrants, valves and meters first. As they get closer to the leak, the sounds get louder. Finally, they find the exact location and pinpoint it. They provide detailed summary report on the leak detector results that can be used for asset performance reports.

Infrared Leak Detection

Infrared technology was invented in the 1980's. Infrared equipment back in the 1980's was very large and expensive. But now with advances in technology we have infrared cameras that will fit in the palm. This device is a part of electromagnetic spectrum that includes radio waves, X-rays and visible light. With Infrared leak detect technique, we can quickly locate the problem areas that can't be seen by the naked eye. It is very accurate technique as compare to others. The process is non-invasive, non-contact and result can be viewed within minutes. In this method there is no need to put the holes in your walls or ceilings in order to provide a complete and accurate infrared inspection reports.

Tracer Gas Detection

In this method, the gas is injected into the suspicious area and the injection point sealed with tape. The leak meter fitted with miniature sniffer to locate the leakage route. This technique is used to detect a micro leak. There are two methods of tracer gas detection. One is tracer gas helium and the second is tracer gas hydrogen. The tracer gas helium is generally used for applications with high sensitivity. The tracer gas hydrogen technique is especially designed for industrial applications.

Digital Camera Leak Detection

For detect a leak in underwater, the digital camera leak detect technique is very popular in this field. In this system the device warns the user with flashing ultra bright LED that is visible from the outside of your camera housing. This system is very easy to install in your digital camera and comes with complete full precise instruction.

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